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Leadership House

Leadership House is a unique program that teaches first year students about leadership & community engagement through participation in a living-learning community. Living-learning communities shape students' academic and social experience, and enhance personal development by building a community through curricular and co-curricular experiences.

The Living Component:
Students who are accepted into Leadership House will live together 3rd floor of Dewey Hall in the Governors Complex on the North Campus. Living with other students who share a common interest facilitates continued learning outside of the classroom. Living together also helps students form friendships sooner, which makes the large UB campus feel smaller.

The Learning Component:
Leadership House is a year-long commitment; however, the learning component is broken into two parts. Leadership House students are enrolled in a 2-credit foundational leadership course called Dynamics of Leadership (UBE 102). The class meets every week for an hour and a half. In this course, students will learn about themselves and ways of leading, to help them form their own personal philosophy of leadership, as well as work with a small group to develop and plan a large scale community service project, which will be implemented in spring.

The second semester, students will be enrolled in a 1-credit Leadership Internship Course (UBE 496), which will meet every other week for an hour and a half. The spring course is focused on introducing students to leadership opportunities on campus and helping them to connect more with the community through networking and the implementation of their capstone community service project.

The Community Component:
In addition to the large scale service project that students will be coordinating, Leadership House students will have many more opportunities to participate in pre-planned service events, such as the Stay-Up UB Dance Marathon, Habitat for Humanity, the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics, Trick-Or-Eat, and Relay For Life.

Apply to 2014-2015 Leadership House

Tell us more about yourself! This is our chance to get to know you and hear more about why you are a good fit for Leadership House! We have two options for the application process:

Deadline for all materials: May 7, 2014

Step 1: Submit the Online Contact Form - all fields are required

Preferred Contact Time (Please Leave This Section Blank)
Contact Information

In order for your application to be complete, you must complete one of the Step 2 options listed below.
Please note that submission of an application and acceptance to this program will supersede any other housing request submitted to the University Residence Halls. As an applicant to Leadership House it will be assumed that participating in Leadership House and living in Dewey Hall (Governors Complex) is your first choice for housing assignments. Roommate requests will not be honored in Leadership House.

Step 2: Choose one of the 2 options listed below to complete your application and ensure your application's eligibility for Leadership House:

Option 1: (PREFERRED) Online InterviewStream

Option 2: Email Application Submission

Once you have completed your application, look out for an email from our office for more information! A second interview will be a phone interview for candidates who are chosen to move forward in the processes. This will help us find the best fits for the program and match you with your roommate!

If you have any questions or need assistance with the process, please contact Jude Butch (716)645-6469.

Leadership House students

Student Testimonials

"Leadership House has helped me, here at UB, because since I came from a small hometown, coming to a large city was very intimidating, therefore Leadership House made the UB campus seem much smaller since I had instantly made 29 other friends. I also think Leadership House has helped me become more of a team member because I see Leadership House as a team who are all working together in order to make a difference throughout the college environment." Courtney Soper, LH Class of 2014

"Leadership House is a great way to become a part of a close-knit community right at the start of freshmen year. By not only working together in class, but also living with each other, students in Leadership House can get to know and respect each other on a much deeper level. The Leadership House experience has taught me so much about being an effective leader as well as follower, and the skills I have gained will help me to be a more active student in the UB community." - Victoria Lojacono, LH Class of 2014

"Leadership House is an engaging community that teaches you how to live and work with others around you that you normally wouldn't have and enriches your ability to lead others towards a vision." - Mitch Muehlberger, LH Class of 2014

"While part of Leadership House, I not only learned how to live and interact with the other students within the Leadership House, but also learned how to get involved at UB in order to make a name for myself." Conor Bennett, LH Class of 2014

"I have never before met a more engaging, multifaceted group of true individuals than those I live everyday with in Leadership House. I'm happy to say this program has worked for me. The lessons I have learned here are about life; I sincerely intend to carry them with me." - Andrew Tranello, LH Class of 2013.

"Being selected into Leadership House before I came to college gave me something even more special to look forward to and made me feel warmly welcomed into a new campus and community." - Megan Moravec, LH Class of 2012.

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